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Economic stimulus and people with disabilities

AAPD’s JFActivist blog has posted a set of suggestions for making the stimulus package more stimulating for people with disabilities, which cites and builds on truthout.org’s more general list.

Obama and Biden have warned that there should be no earmarks in the stimulus package, but when the economy is made up of diverse people with diverse economic needs, what will be considered an “earmark”? Some of AAPD’s members’ suggestions, like “fund a massive nationwide disability awareness campaign,” may well be seen as interest-group jockeying for earmarks, but others, like “build accessible housing to put the housing industry back to work,” have more direct economy-stimulating applications. Will politicians take the “no earmarks” message and avoid all programs that are aimed at helping distinct minority groups, thus “stimulating” only those with “mainstream” economic needs and behaviors? How can we effectively stimulate the economy while leaving minority groups, such as people with disabilities behind (especially given the sheer number of people in the US who either have a disability or are caring for someone with a disability)?


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